Lie unfolds 8 years later

by anonymous

Last weekend as I was going through old photos on our desktop computer I came across photos from a work vegas trip my husband attended 8 years ago (we were dating for 5 years at that time).

The photos contained him and another woman whom I had never seen in my life. The photos were of them in an exotic car, shopping, having dinner and at a club. I was completely devastated. I recall when he got home from that trip asking who took photos of him and the car and he advised people off the street. I naively believed him as I have always had complete trust in him.

Well that was an obvious lie! I immediately questioned him and he advised that he ran into an acquaintance (a waitress from a restaurant he frequented at the time) in the hotel lobby and they spent the day together and swears up and down that nothing happened. I don't know what to believe and am more disturbed that he thought it was ok to spend a day with a woman and not mention this to me. If he had told me this at that time I would have probably left him as I zero tolerance for this type of behavior (cheating or no cheating).
We have been together for 14 years (married for 4) and have never had a situation like this. We have always had a great, strong and healthy relationship. I am in complete shambles over this and am now questioning our entire relationship. I can't believe he would lie to my face all those years ago and betray me like this. I do not know if I can ever trust him completely again. I have arranged for us to see a marriage counselor next week as I do not know how to cope with this. What do you all think? Am I overreacting? I can't talk to any of my friends or family about this as I am completely embarrassed. I am so lost....

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