~Like a single mother,even though i'm still married.~

by Lisa C

Actually, Me & my husband have been married for about 12 years. And ever since our adorable daughter was born over 4 years ago, i feel like i am a single mother & that i'm doing all of the work with little help from my husband with our daughter, by taking care of her & of taking the time to spend some family time with her as much as i can before i return to work in the fall.

But every time my husband returns home from work, he freshens up & falls asleep on the couch until it is dinner time. He never takes the time to spend some ~Family Time~with me & our daughter (except at dinner time or on the weekends whenever he is actually off from work). But,the only thing that i do ask of him, is that it is only fair to do his share of giving me some help with our daughter & of spending a lot more time with us.

Many times,we have already talked about this issue & problem & apparently nothing has been solved & my husband is doing the same exact routine for months now. Including,he has been ~Verbally abusive towards me in front of our daughter as well.

~~Please i need some helpful advice.~ Thank you.

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