by ash

i do everything mostly on my own... i love people life and animals... i am very intelligent and kind-hearted, but around people i constantly feel insecure because i'm too intelligent for my own good at times(emotional intelligence).

i want to help people... but i have a problem with conforming when it comes to occupations because i don't believe in money the way most do... but also i'm in love with not only a person but my family, stranger,s animals, nature, well... pretty much everything....

but with this lies the problem.... no will admit to these feelings with me.... they call me crazy/weird/emotional/etc... i take vitamins, eat healthy, exercise, dance, create art... but i want the feeling of love that i give to people... i don't just want to give it away... well i do... but i just find myself stuck about this... but the only answers i can come up with to fix this situation is deal with it....

i dream of being a mom with my wonderful husband and child that i'd do anything for and would teach to be kind and honest and courageous always...everything+love= happiness.

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