Loveless Marriage

by anonymous

I am a 26 yrs old Indian women. I got married in sept 2014. It was arranged. My husband and I first met in Jan 2014 and got engaged in Apr 2014.

And since then it all started. He was been overly possessive and very cross questioning. Once i lost my patience and mentioned that i was not interested if you do such things. He did some pretty nasty things involving families etc. Was lying right from start about few silly stuff.
After marriage things became more difficult, he used to get upset, rather angry every time i turned him down for sex, saying am tired or so. We landed in pretty serious fights because of it.

Problem is he keeps mum when you ask him something and drags it for days together. He never ever opens up or communicates anything. I can see that he is holding himself back from me. Even our usual conversations are pretty boring and limited. Even after 6 months of our marriage, he has not opened up or started a new topic of conversation with me. This bothers me, as if he is subtly hinting me to move out or just go away. When i initiate talking about anything or any botherations, he clearly cuts me off. It's like he is purposely doing it for some reason.

I tried everything to keep up to him and i have failed. I recently am thinking of separating. Please suggest.

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