by Surya
(Chennai )

I have been in love with my best friend for past 4 years and whom I know for 7 years who studied with me in the same college.

My family is very loving and fun but as above my parents are bothered about my future and to love happily and sophisticated, as all parents think.
My guy is my best friend and will be my best friend always and also loves me unconditionaly and trusts me . He is not in a very good position but because of his good job am sure he will be very successful and very hardworking in future. we both have immense love towards our family and us. he is very responsible towards his family happiness and betterment

How to convey my love and about him without emotionally getting my parents and family angry?
If they don't like us also am sure we will prove in future. we may have hardships but we can prove.

Am terribly scared that my parents will do emotional scenes and put me in trouble. Am very keen that I can never hurt him and any parents .
Same way he is also very sure to get along with me. it's just that he has more pressure to take care if his family.

He is not very expressive but am sure he gave immense love towards me after my parents. And my parents are progressing looking for a groom for me and my time to convey is very near.
Please guide me to get through this .?

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