Marriage breakdown

by Dave

I’ve been married for just over 20 years, I was married before, but ended in divorce, my first having a few affairs, we had 4 children and a house, walking away, I was left with nothing, but a bag of clothes, and a few pictures,

I re married, to be fair to my second wife life was good, she had a son from a previous relationship, we soon married, we then had a daughter between us, only finding in a few years later, had complex learning difficulties, who now is 20, but has a age of a 10 year old, over the last 8 years, my wife has changed, she not the person I fell in love with, I’ve tried, she’s tried, but we’re at the point now, where we can’t find any happiness, I won’t leave the house, nor will she,

I need help or some advice please.

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