Marriage Issues...

by Ravi
(Atlanta, GA)

My wife and I have been married for quite some time and our relationship has never been good. We are at the point where we can barely stand one another but I as a man and father (we have kids) am trying my best to make things work.

There is a lot of resentment towards me for how I have acted and it is not something she can ever forgive / forget me and her feelings are completely lost for me. We are trying to stick it out for our kids but it is hard because I am not able to be myself, natural or at a point where we can even have a normal conversation. Little things tend to upset her that I do not do correctly or to her expectation or liking. Issues that come up which are so small become a big deal and cause major problems. My wife's family all think negatively of me for fair reason, however I am not a person that wants any of this negativity.

I am looking for some direction or advice or willing to answer more questions.

Our situation is very complex but she supposedly is hurt too deep to want to fix or give a fair chance to me because she feels like its never going to be right. I do not claim or admit to be perfect but I know when I am wrong and accept faults. I am really looking for direction and advice because I have no one else I can trust or turn to at this time.

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