Marriage or not?

by Anonymous

We have been dating for 2 years...I told him that the plan I have for myself is to get married, and since he did not share the same value of marriage....we should part ways.

He said he felt pressured to get married, but if that's what it took to keep me in his life then he would marry me. just doesn't feel the same as someone choosing to marry me without the feelings of duress.

We have a fabulous relationship... but I just can't get over that, left to his own desires...he would never marry. Advice?

Dear Anonymous,

Getting married under any type of duress is a marriage made for disaster. Marriage is a partnership between equals, and if one person is the only one committed to the relationship, it will not last.

It would be helpful to find out if this is a short-term view on his part, or one in which he can never imagine himself married to anyone. Keep the conversation going.

The Marriage Maestro

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