Marriage problems.

by Sara
(California )

Hello all, my problem is as follows, am living in the USA now for three year with my kids and husband who sponsored us here so my two oldest kids are not his ,but with my husband we have 3 girls together.

Recently we got into fight where he slapped me and i called the police out of fear things will Escalate being pregnant at the time. Anyways when the police came he lied and told him and started it and he defended himself against me showing a bruise he had. Them not knowing that bruise was previously there and me pushing him off me reopen the bruise .

Anyways I was arrested pregnant and all spend 7 hours in jail and was bailed out by my husband. I was charged but the case was drop now my husband said he tried to call the police to tell them that there was come discrepancy is his statement and wanted to change it but was unable to reach anyone . We went to see a lawyer and she told us well him what he can do is write a new statement and go along with his old statement where he lied but once my case was dropped he never did so.

My problem is now every time we get into an agreement he brings it up and throws it in my face taking no responsibility for his action in that altercation so that for me mean he see what he did as right putting his hands on me and the police has his back. Now every time to argue he threaten to call the police threatening me to have them arrest me because they see me as the person we started the fight the first time and that wasn’t the case.

I want to leave them am in California it’s expensive I have 5 kids and have been a stay at home mom since moving here . Am scared . He threatens to take money away his car and say things like it’s his house his car and we can leave leave and go where not to mention his takes out his frustration on my two oldest kids when his mad at me .

What can I do? I have Been going to counselling but am still living with him and at times it’s challenging. Because I feel like he is trying to break me Physically and emotionally . What else can I do please someone help.

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