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I am very happily married and have been for just under two years. We don’t have children yet but are thinking about starting. My husband is a really wonderful kind funny brilliant man. I love him a lot and would never want to jeopardize that. I have had long term relationships previously and have never cheated on any boyfriend even when I was young, I’ve always held fidelity to highest importance, treat someone how you wish to be treated. However, the last few weeks at work I have found myself really attracted to someone. I thought there was no harm in a small crush and looking at him from time to time, but the man in question has approached me and asked outright if I feel the attraction he does.

I’ve told him nothing would ever happen and I’m happily married. But I see him ever day and it’s consuming all my thoughts, just a raw physical attraction. I’m not close to him emotionally or as a friend. I feel so guilty as I love my husband very much and would never act on it but I feel like I am going a bit mad! Is this normal?

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