My amazing one night

by Sally
(centralia, wa )

I've been with my current bf for 8 years. Well he's kinda of a bad bf cuz he is irresponsible, in and out of jail for petty and felonies crimes.

None-the-less he's my bff, so our bf relationship has not been satisfying..... at the end of the day he is my bff. When he goes to jail, I play. I need to have men in my life. Usually I have a few close guy friends I fool around with. Generally it's an oral relationship.

Yesterday when my bf went to jail, I went to see a old school friend that I have had prior oral relations with... and next thing u know he was kissing me. It felt so good and then (long-story short) we went "all the way." The part of this that felt so perfectly amazing was him holding me in bed for hours, like so tight and so right. Like we'd totally been there b4.

I thought about how my life would be if this was my life. Normally I would just assume he just wanted to use me for sex. But I never had a guy that was using me for sex hold me for hours. This is what leads me to believe his feeling for me might be deeper. I would be willing to make changes with him by my side. What if he was just filling a void? I was..... until I got this feeling that I can't ignore.

Do I sit him down and ask him his feelings and risk looking like a idiot? Or do I just wait for my bf to return from jail and keep doing the same old thing?

Dear Ms. Sally.... Why keep doing the same old thing with the same old results? Sit him down and talk about this. You'd be a idiot not to. Particularly, when the guy you call your boyfriend seems to spend most of his (and your) time in jail.


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