my BF and I get along fabulously but he isnt interested in Sex

by Marie
(Ma, USA)

I have not met anyone else that is so easy to be around and he is really like my best friend... BUT...

When he got to the point to try getting physical about 3 months or so into our dating (i was fine waiting for a bit), he seemed into it when he was touching me... and was semi-erect, yet when I went to touch him he went flaccid.... I waited a while to let it settle, made no big deal of it and at a later time/day when it was a relaxed time, I tried to gently tell him that I enjoyed how he touched me and I also like to touch back. He said I don't know what happened. I let it go for a bit.

Long time passed and it happened again, he just looses his semi-erection as soon I touch him! He told me that he can self-pleasure, so that tells me he CAN indeed get an erection.... He treats me nicely in all other respects. I am a very sexual sensual woman who enjoys receiving, but I also like to touch and give.... I am starting to feel unsexy around him. I've been dating him about 8 months. I need to have some sizzle and love penetration.

I'm going nuts because I've not met anyone else who is in all other areas compatible. I though can not live without a healthy sexual aspect for it to be a LTR.

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