My boyfriend of 8 years doesn't like me anymore???

by Anonymous

We've been together for about 7-8 years. We broke up last year due to consistent communication issues but got back together a few months later because we'd always had great chemistry and we're best friends, well we used to be.

I truly believe that he loves me but I feel like he doesn't like me anymore or want to be with me and that's very important. For the past month or two he doesn't seem very interested in me, our sex life has gone down immensely and that's saying a lot because we'd typically have sex very often. If I don't suggest we go out or do something fun we will not do anything.

Communication has worsened and now he's gotten a new job which occupies majority of his time. I traveled overseas for a month and he kept insisting on him missing me and being excited for me coming back. When I returned he went to drink after work because he had a stressful day he claimed and only came to see me the next morning, to me that just proves that I'm right. I do have a history of overreacting which I have been working on but this behavior has been consistent for months.

What should I do? I do love him very much and I don't want things to end but if he's not interested anymore then I'll have no choice. Thank you.

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