My boyfriend talks alot about his exes and compliment them sexually

by Jiji

Hello, this is the first time I've shared on a forum and I need answers so I'll be rather short... Finally... I'll try :,)

This is the first time in my life that I go out with a boy and to describe myself I am rather calm, always listening, understanding, peaceful and I tend to give very wise advice since very young (d 'after my elders)

I went out with my boyfriend very recently, we met at the beginning of my first year of university.
We are quite opposite people, he is older than me, more expressive, outgoing and always full of energy. (We complement each other well).

Every time we talk he keeps telling me he talks to other girls etc. And it turned out that it was always the same girl! We'll call her Cookie.

They talk to each other every day, and even in her messaging ranks she's always placed after me, she's always in her most recent chats.
And without sounding too intrusive when I ask him about his friends he contacts most often, he tries to avoid the subject by just telling me about the ones we have in common, so sometimes he misses a lot when we let's talk in message telling me or asking me to send him links for example to help this friend in I don't know what...

Not long ago he sent her a Place for something really erotic... Lately, I tried to bring the subject on the table, but then he got angry and became rather cold...

I don't know if I made a mistake somewhere or if I invaded him a little too much, or if I made up my mind but he has this tendency to even talk to me about his exes and sometimes even to compliment them. Being the peaceful type I always let it flow...

Is it my fault? I have something to improve? If so why ? I really try to strive to be better than that other girl or those exes.

For example, I always give him the attention he needs, I really like to listen to him until the end, I buy him gifts, and besides, it's always me who always starts our conversations despite the fact of being introverted and not talking a lot I rather have easy communication with people with whom I feel comfortable...

I really need help and advice please...

Thank you so much for reading till the end...

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