My Counselor Owes Me An Apology

by Lori
(Masontown, PA, USA)

I have been a client of the S**** Center since November 2012. The staff are all wonderful except for my counselor. She embarrassed me in front of another counselor that she brought in and didn't even ask if I minded she sit in on my session, has no empathy, made me cry and didn't even offer me a tissue.

She tells me one week it's ok to bring an article in so we can discuss it the next week, then when I bring it in she starts over-analyzing the reason why I brought it in, tells me it has no therapeutic value after I told her what it was going to be about. Then I told her I had a problem with something I learned about and she didn't know what I was talking about. So I made a DVD on it so she would be familiar with what I was talking about, and she tears that apart, over-analyzing it and telling me she would rather hear about it from me. Why?

She treats me like I have no intelligence anyway. Strange, she makes you feel good about yourself one week and the next week she treats you like you're stupid. Needless to say I quit going there as of today.

I don't deserve to be treated like some common idiot off the street. I am better than that and I know it. I will not stand for someone treating me like that from someone that is supposed to be helping me. She acts like she is bi-polar or dual personality or something.

Another thing I didn't appreciate was when the other counselor and I went to follow my counselor to her office, the other counselor insisted I walk in front of her as if I was a pervert or something. These two people owe me a sincere apology. No one should be this upset walking out of a counseling session.

My counselor ruined any trust I had for her and I will never give her a chance to upset me again because I am no longer a client of The S**** Center in Connellsville, PA

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Mar 27, 2017
Reply To March 22, 2017
by: Lori

Yeah, I don't know about your area, but in my area, it is very hard to find a good counselor.

There is a place not too far from me, a mental health building run by the county. They are the worst bunch of counselors you can find. I have been there many times and have requested a new counselor after new counselor and one is as bad as the other. I haven't been there in years but people tell me it's the same. And they are so quick to put children on meds it's disgusting. I don't believe in giving children psych meds. Their brains are still growing and not only that I have seen what those meds do to children. They turn them into zombies. Those parents that allow their children to be put on meds are just lazy. They don't want to parent so they put their kids on meds so they don't have to do anything with them. It's a shame.

It's the same with adults. They put them on meds instead of finding out why you are, say, depressed, anxious, etc. and learning how to deal with the problem.

Mar 22, 2017
The Same Has Happened To Me
by: Anonymous

My counselor would tell me things, and the next week I would come in and she'd pretend she had no idea what I was talking about.

"Tell everyone about your trauma so you'll get supporters" turns into "You can't tell everyone! That's such an attention-seeking things to do!"

Make me feel supported one week and stupid the next!

Jul 22, 2013
I can relate
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I had an experience very similar to yours and I have spent the last few years struggling to get over it. After doing some research today on other people's therapy horror stories, it is very clear that it wasn't my fault and I just had a really bad therapist. Good job for moving on

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