My husband did not work all year

by Sam S

My husband decided not to work all year. So I worked hard took care of the children paid all the bills and because I have good credit got a credit card, because my income does not cover everything, now I am over my credit limit can't pay it off, owe 30,000 and we need to move.

My credit score has dropped 50 points, my husband has a crap score of 500 something and zero rental history and he did not file any taxes.

All of this to say WE NEED TO MOVE!!!!

However because my current job is an independent contractor job no one will except my income as income" because They request 2 filed tax returned from the same company.

My husband did not work all of last year nor did he file taxes so I was not even able to use my tax return from one year and his from another year.

I am very upset because I work hard day in and day out and make decent money but am so far in debt trying to take care of my children, myself and apparently him as well.

I am so over him.

A man who does not work does not eat.

Except he ate on my dime all year.

Now he has signed himself up for school and is going 5 days a week all day long.

The audacity.

I want to leave him. But I am lucky enough to me a Christian so I can't, divorce is not an option. I am supposed to just work it all out, while I and my children suffer.

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