My husband doesn't want to spend time with my family

by Pamela

Hi there,

I need some advice. My husband usually has a hard time spending time with my family. My family and I are very close and we see each other once a week. I don't ask my husband to come to our weekly dinners and he will usually come to family events like b-days and holidays. The problem is that he usually doesn't talk too much and in our recent 2 day trip he had an attitude the whole time. I became extremely angry with him because I'm not like that with his family. My husband says he cannot connect to family and he doesn't know what to talk about with them.

I feel really hurt and I don't know how he can engage more with them. I just don't understand why he cannot put more effort on this when he knows family to me is very important. We don't have kids yet, but I'm terrified that this will get worse with kids. Please help me.

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