My husband has a mistress

by Numb Wife
(Los Angeles, CA)

My husband has an affair that's been going on for 5 yrs. i've been married for 24 yrs and we have 4 children who are all adults. The other woman is 18 yrs younger than my husband.

At first my husband would hide the affair but now he doesn't. I know they work together. He spends the weekends with her, he never sleeps in her house though, he always comes back home at night. He's constantly texting her and calling her. Whenever she dumps him, he's calling her and begging her to return to him.

my husband and i never really conversate or connect anymore, now i wonder if we ever really connected. At first i thought this woman was a gold digger but she has stuck next to my husband and even lets him borrow money.

I truly believe they're in love. They always take one month vacations, he has taken her to europe, africa, and south america. He's never taken me on any vacation. I know my husband stays with me because of our children and because of our home. But i also know he'll never leave her, that he'll always be by her side as well.

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