My husband has gone overboard this time with verbal abuse over an argument

by Mary Gomez
(Houston Texas)

I've been married for 12 years. I have two children. 12 and 7 years old.

I have never been able to rely on my husband. He can't keep a job and he doesn't see anything wrong with it, or doesn't admit it. I have caught him in many lies. and I can't say anything to him because he shuts me up.

We had our last fight this Sunday and have not spoken since then. This is the longest we have gone without saying one word to each other. I'm at the point where enough is enough.

The problem is that I don't want to tell him to leave because I don't want to seem like the bad guy or the one that broke the family apart. When we fought this last time, he said I can stay with the house and he was leaving. He's still @ home.

Please give me an idea of how I can solve this problem with out anyone pointing fingers at me, and saying I should have never asked him to leave....

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