My husband is cyber cheating in secret

by Lost

I am not sure what to do… I just found out that my husband has been talking with a bunch of women online as well as sharing genital/full body pictures of himself (face included) with them online, and they are doing the same.

I started getting a gut feeling something was going on (I went through this with my first husband). I was on our computer the other day and had a bunch of windows open and closed the one I wanted by mistake. I looked at the history to retrieve it (short on time with kids) and found a dating site on there and clicked on it. He had left his profile open!! I asked him about it and he completely denied it with a flat out no, saying it's not mine. I didn’t believe it and was hurt.

Later on I went on and it had been deleted. I addressed this with him and he didn't have much to say. Now last night the same thing happened again – he left his email open and this is where I found intimate and extremely graphic chats, pictures, the whole shebang. I also found that he is on numerous dating sites looking for secret relationships.

I am so hurt, plus he flat out lied to me. From the emails I learned it went back as far as 2010, as it is now 2012. I'm of course confused. As we discuss things, he tells me is so happy with our relationship, wants to take a big summer vacation next summer and I thought we had open lines of communication. It’s a huge smack in the face and I'm not sure where to go from here

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Jul 19, 2012
Cheating is Cheating
by: Anonymous

He IS CHEATING and has continued to cheat even after being found out. He has broken his marriage vow to honor and respect you, till death do you part.

He is not worth you or your love or your faithfulness. Do yourself and your heart a favor . . . kick him to the curb . . . find yourself a genuine person who truly loves and respects you as his wife.

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