My husband saves his sex scandal with his exes

by lyn87

Me and my husband married 1 and half years ago.We are not always living together since we are in long distance relationship since. But he make effort to visit me in my country lots of time.

He verbally abused me calling me names and control me in everything what i can do or can't. He never trusted me and always accused me. We always argued about only small things. I can't even do small things and my mistake when we not yet personally together from 3 years ago is still exists for him and blamed to me to it until now.

We argued always about the past because he digged my past.I felt worthless sometimes,he explained to me his efforts and all the things he did every time i felt unloved and when i confronted him.

We did tackled many times already about his ex wife plenty of photos in his phone because its so unfair to me when only 3 photos of my 2013 ex bf on Facebook which we argued before and deleted already long time. But i just found out today through his google backup photos that he save lots of photos and sex videos of his ex.

I felt betrayed many times and to these because this is already an issue to us many times and he knows its wrong. I love my husband but i been hurted a lot. What will i do? Do you think i should forgive him after this?

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