My husbands name is still on his ex wife’s vehicle

by anonymous

My husband and I are best friends but the marriage has been rocky from the beginning. He will keep things from me but he doesn’t consider that lying.

So I used to go through his phone. Specifically his conversations with his ex wife. Him and his ex wife decided to put their son on a travel sport team and my husband NEVER told me they decided to that, or that they even went to the tryouts. I found out more from their conversations than I did from him.

So back to my original question. We built a house that we moved into February 2016. the summer of 2017 I saw in some texts where she said that her van registration would be coming to (my husbands) house again.

So I’m like WHAT?!? My house? again?

I ask my husband about it and I’m furious! How does her van registration come to my address? Is he still on the vehicle? Does her DL have my address on it? It came last year to OUR HOUSE and you never mentioned it to me? Is he still paying for the van? Does he pay for her insurance? (We don’t share finances, we split the mortgage and then pay our own bills and spend our own money)

He denied it all, he wouldn’t say anything about it. Doesn’t know why that would happen. Like at first he wouldn’t even admit that it came to our house and that he gave it to her.

Then I started to think about it. They have been divorced for 8 years! 8 YEARS PEOPLE! How in the hell is he still on her vehicle?? We’ve been together for 5, married for almost 3.

This really bothers me, I feel like I have no idea what’s the truth and what else he could be hiding from
me. The fight has come up several times. I finally forced him to give me his DL so I could log onto the BMV website and there it was, her vehicle registered under him and his account. I feel it should have never came to this. I should not have to log into his BMV account to see if it’s true or not. But he made no attempt to show me otherwise.

He has finally admitted it has come to his address this whole time. He says he is no longer on the vehicle and doesn’t pay for it. And I have been saying prove it to me! Prove me wrong. And he refuses to. He says I’m just being stupid and wanting to start a fight over it. Every couple of months it comes up. This month her registration is due to come to my house again, for the 3rd year in a row.

And I have asked him over and over to me prove me wrong. And he won’t. We literally just got into a fight about it and he said I’m just a dick and always want to start a fight. I sent him a text this morning that said:

“if there is one thing that I question over and over again and you can’t even attempt to prove me wrong that’s a problem. You would rather just call me stupid and dismiss it than making an attempt“

And no response. I know that this isn’t huge and life-altering like him cheating, or abusing me. But I have this feeling that he’s always keeping things from me. And if he can’t even attempt to prove me wrong, show me he’s not on the vehicle, I have a hard time believing this marriage will ever work out.

What do other people think? And I over reacting?

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