My husband's "too friendly" with female co-workers and one who calls him on his computer daily.

by Cher Roberts
(Apache Junction, AZ)

Okay, so i have been married to my husband for 11yrs now. He and I both work from home. He is in his office and my desk is our bedroom. I have been struggling with my thoughts and feelings about what I have noticed and found.

He talks to just about everyone and is very helpful that is great but I noticed one female co-worker literally calls him on Microsoft Teams daily mainly from what I can hear venting about their supervisor and complaints BUT at times it is other than work related. I also noticed its not a short conversation either.

I can understand the co-worker part and answering her questions at times but why does she HAVE to vent to him daily?? I mean I have told my husband about this and mentioned to him about how it is making me feel. Seems like now she recently has found out I am NOW working from home as well. The part makes me frustrated is with her too if you know his wife is at the house working as well why do you think its acceptable for yourself to call him??!

I dont know if I am overracting or if I am wrong about this. Of course my husband plays the upset card and gets mad at me about it but yet still continues to talk to her and she calls him daily. I reached out to her on teams to say hello and she knows of me but she didnt respond. Apparently she went to my husband stating i reached out and if she is doing anything wrong.

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