Need to save my relation with my husband

(Bangalore )


I was in a relation with one guy and he had personal pics of ours and he didn't wanted to marry me because of his family problems... in meantime I got engaged to other guy without telling about my past... after getting engaged my bf started blackmailing me with the pictures he had and wanted to listen to him for everything... but nothing went wrong between us...

I got married to the guy with whom I got engaged and my husband came to know about my worst past... he couldn't digest my cheating in marrying him without telling about my past... but now I'm in deep love with my husband... he is God to me now n he is a very good person whom every one will want him as husband...

I know I cheated him n cannot correct my past too... how can I save my relation in this case... he is not interested to stay with me n accept me as his wife... I want my husband to trust me n accept me... please help.

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