Negative Environment and heavy drinking

by Florence
(Wales )

My husband of 20 years puts me down a lot. He makes me feel that nothing I do is good enough, in particular around preparing meals for the family. I do most of the cooking, plan the meals, washing and general housework. He offers a critical comment, grunt or trust to give positive feedback but it's always about improving. I am in full time work with a long commute and a lot of responsibility. I should get home and be able to relax but it just feels so tense and negative.

He's a big drinker too and last month he spent in the region of £450 on booze either out or in the home. I tell him that we can't afford that level of spending and that I'm concerned about his health. He tells me he's going to address it 'this week' but very little changes.

I love him but hate how he makes me feel. I have tried to talk to him about this but he just either dismisses it or makes it out to be my fault. I'm exhausted with it and don't know what to do.

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