Nichola F.

by Nichola
(Perth Australia )

I have been married for 18 yrs and have 2 children.Recently I have realised that my husband is unable to support me when I’m unhappy about any issues and unfortunately I admit I find it difficult to let go of my resentment towards him.

We live in Australia and while visiting Europe 4 yrs ago, he was in the uk with family and I was in Ireland with the kids visiting my family. Unfortunately whilst there I found my brother dead in his apartment age 32, my family were obviously traumatized. I called my husband and asked him to come to Ireland to be with me and kids he initially agreed. We also had a trip the following week booked for Paris with the kids. I said we need to forget about it due to sudden bereavement.

1 hr after which was approx 4 hrs after discovering my brother, he called and said I wasn’t thinking straight and he had spoken to my best friend and his Dad who both agreed that it was too much for kids to handle aged 12 and 7. he arranged for my friend to pick them up and he met them at the airport. I felt totally bombarded and agreed. He then went to Paris with the kids and his dad in my place. Added to this on the night I told him about my brother, he caught up with some school friends and got totally pissed and made funny videos of them in the pub which he accidentally showed me some months later.

I honestly have not felt the same for him since and it always resurfaces despite me having counseling. He admits he would have liked to have been there for me but did what he did for the kids as he didn’t want them to experience seeing my brother in a open coffin.

Please tell me am I unreasonable because I contemplating divorce following other disappoints .Thanks.

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