No communication no affection help please

by Candy
(Canada )

I’m with my hubby 16 years married 12 .. 3 kids .. I’m so incredibly lonely in my marriage .. no affection, no intimacy, no romance , it’s crushing my self worth .. he works 7 on and 7 off when he is home .. I cry a lot because having him around me and no intimacy makes me so sad .. he has said so many hurtful things to me , zero communication I have expressed my feelings all the time over the years and he even went to counseling with me but has never changed

He is controlling with money and I feel I’m always in trouble and walking on eggshells around him .. I’m so unhappy it hurts. But he’s an ok dad and great provider, he does make me work full time but his job keeps us comfortable.

I feel bad about wanting to leave because of the my kids and amount of history we have . And he’s not an addict or cheater .. help please

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