No more affection

by Maritza

Before I married my husband, he was always affectionate towards me. Kissed me out of nowhere or hugged me for no reason or say I love you out of the blue.

We got married 3 years ago and since that day, it all stopped. I've spent the last 2 years begging for attention or a hug or a kiss. He said he was going to change, but he hasn't. Now when we get into arguments, he says hurtful things to me like: no one will want me, or that I'm psycho, he tells me he's not in love with me.

But the newest thing he said was he cheated on me. Then 2 months later when we argued again, he said he might of gotten a girl pregnant. About 2 days went by and he said he lied n that he never cheated.

I can't take it anymore. He needs help!

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