Not thought of

by Tia

Hi my question is if so, could reply to me, I'll be so Appreciated?

For one thing we can be like this. He's so all about himself. it's supposed to be about us. This is just another one to add to the list. I made arrangements to change my time for work, to go in later and stay hour later. it was for his daughter our daughter.

She's in reception first year at school and we got an invite to go to a presentation. It said this means that your daughter as got an award for hard work at school which is my hard work. I do help her with homework, I sit with her help her, Quality time

I'm so shattered. no one gives a shit about me. I wish I could say that I'm not doing anything like my partner says most days. He never does no work with her ever. He keeps saying 'I work full time I'm tired'. So it's down to me. as soon as he saw that presentation he said straight away and said 'Oh we both can't do it'. Till I did. I told him I'll finish work at five. He said. 'So I don't have to pick you up'? I just said no you don't HAVE to. No intention to want to. It's 15 min walk, to drive no time.

no got nothing. if he did, it would show some care and love to me. He had no intention of trying get time for his daughter. he didn't want to try to find time out from f***ing work just an hour why? losing out, can't Get that time again. he will regret it. Bastard!

Then I came home tired out, shattered. The last thing I want to hear is we've eaten out, I took our daughter to McDonald's. So I had to cook for myself, just didn't want to have to cook. I was really starving. I said jokingly, meaning it,
'Oh right, could've pick me up something to take away McDonald's'. He started to get really angry cause he couldn't get it, why I was starting.

how he can forget me, not think I gave up my time for our child to come home late, tired. he can't get that into his head. That I would have liked to have something to eat because I was too tired. So we had a another row. he just keep going on about what he has done justify himself. He never wants to understand me. Fights me what I say he don't want to listen, can't understand where I'm coming from? This is happening too often, this little things to piss me off. he knows I will start.

Before all that he kept going on about sex. He said I think it been too long. I think it's about time. jokingly I said no, not tonight, not until I can. Too tired. I didn't have any love making after that. yeah! I'm glad we didn't.

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