by Lauren
(New Jersey )

So, long story short. My boyfriend has 3 charges of simple assault against me as well as 2 indictable offenses (terroristic threats and criminal restraint).

When we went to court recently for 2 of the simple assaults, I requested he stay in jail until his sentencing in August for the indictable offenses, to which he was getting probation. I also stipulated he plead guilty to acknowledge what he has done to me. Recently, he called me from jail to express how “hurt” he was that I betrayed him and didn’t believe me when I said I was scared and stated I was manipulative for doing what I did. He also said that court personnel had commented that what I did was manipulative after he was taken back to jail. Was that manipulative?? He also says he doesn’t want to move back in with me because he’s afraid I’ll call the cops.

I promised I never would again, but then I got to thinking, does this mean he can’t commit to changing?? He also doesn’t want to see me unless it’s in public and if we are alone he wants to record every second we are together. The police have evidence that he committed these assaults (pictures, hospital records).

Am I being crazy that he’s unsure if he loves me or is playing me?? He often uses tactics like “have you taken your medication today” because I have anxiety to justify my actions. Any advice is appreciated.

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Jul 27, 2018

by: Yourcouplesguide

Manipulative? Definitely, and dangerous. Your boyfriend has all the hallmarks of a borderline sociopath who has abused you and is putting the responsibility on you. Your best bet is to keep away from him, and follow through with the charges. I also suggest you get a Protection From Abuse order from the court so that he cannot get near you.

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