Relationship break

by Ali
(Colombo, SriLanka)

I have been married for 6 months. Before the marriage affair was fruitful with trust between both of us. After 3 months together wife started complaining that she has got information from a source that I am having a relationship with another person which I told the truth who she is a colleague. Time to time different untrue stories starts to raise on the surface. I asked her who is the source she is getting information where she denied saying the name of the person. Conflicts happen without making a sense.

After 3 months of continues suspicious about me, two other male friends along with her go and meet my colleague in her office. Wife introduced herself and talked bad about me which a wife should not boast with a threat. Colleague talked to her with respect but not the wife creating a big scene and letting the other staffs of the office know about the incident. The two male friends of her always create unhealthy arguments and problems in the society which sadly she got involved in their influence.

For creating such a scene outside the house and our personal relationships at stake in the hands of two other men, I on the spot gave divorce to her not able to accept the low-grade level. One of the guys is famously known in the community as a kidney dealer and seller (sold his own kidney, cheat attempt to sell his wife and father-in-laws kidney, takes pictures of others and blackmail) who now has the key of her house showing a sister-brother relationship with my now so-called ex-wife. I am afraid he may take nude pictures of her and blackmail same time.

I still love my wife and want her back. I don't understand whats the right decision to make after which its been two weeks past. Same time she has blocked my contacts in all means of communication media.

Please advice.

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