Serious problem in my family

by Human

In my family 7 members are there. Mom dad me (most elder son) and 4 sisters. My father was very poor and tried to manage to give education for me and sister just younger to me. My sisters always had a complexity that as a boy I was getting good treatment and they r not. But the real fact is my father always gave respect to girls saying they are pandits and always kept abusing me even if I do a small and my sister started earning. My father is very orthodox.

Now after our graduation is done my father has look out a boy for my sister to marry. My sister was very angry on this and she later said that she don't want to marry and is having an affair with a guy. Initially my father and sister were having great bonds but after this incident both are like enemies. My father has kept my sister in village without any permission to use mobile or go out from home. She lost all her friends. She don't remember the tough times when our Father suffered for our welfare. What should I do?

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