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I am having a very hard day and really do need to know how others view this and what they think and feel if it was them.

My husband usually keeps a lock code on his phone which he has gave it to me when I've needed to use his phone for something.
I needed to use it this morning and was getting ready to ask him what it was now and it wasn't locked and instead the screen is still on his text messages and he's texting with a woman. I don't know her I don't think. These are the messages that have me shocked.

He told her he wished all the women in his life could be like her. She made everything easy.

He told her she should get a motorcycle and they could be riding buddies.

The rest was just text from across a period of about a week just little short text talking about nothing really. It all just seems weird and gives me the sickest feeling and I really took offense to the first thing he said and honestly don't think he needs her as a riding buddy. Or am I letting jealously rear it's ugly head?
Thank you kindly.

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