Should I Be Concerned ?

by Linda
(Jacksonville FL USA)

So my husband of 25 years has a habit of placing himself in inappropriate situations regarding other women then claiming innocence. (Ex; he’s had close friendships with coworkers - drinks, dinner, lunches, etc). I’ve never proved he’s ever cheated. He prides himself as a good honorable husband.

So should this latest thing upset me????

His entire office works from home since pandemic began. A new girl (Tina) age 32 (husband is 51) started working there 4 months ago. He mentioned it briefly but no big deal. Their team has 8 people on it (2 women 6 men). My husband has been there 4 yrs and not a managerial role.

So last nite we are looking for a tv show to watch and my husband suggests Sex Life. He said someone at work recommended it. I asked who and he said Tina. I said why would Tina recommend this kind of show to YOU and how did it come up? He said that he and Tina chat on their work messaging app about tv shows. He recommended a show for her and she told him he should try Sex Life but warned him it was x-rated.

My first question was: why does Tina think you and her have such a close friendship she would recommend a show like this to you? I think it’s not appropriate.

My next question is: if u ended up watching it, how would u go about discussing an x-rated sex show with a coworker?

This whole thing just burns me up. I personally wouldn’t be chatting up a male coworker with an x-rated show recommendation. What kind of person does this?

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