Should I stay or leave ?

by Aditi

Hi Guys,

I am a 29 year old Indian Woman. I had an arranged marriage to my husband back in 2015.

We just met once and got engaged in 1 week without knowing much about each other. I still remember feeling afraid before the engagement because of this uncertainty. After engagement, I got to know him and realized that our compatibility is not that good. He was working overseas so we only got phone conversations for the period between engagement and marriage.

After marriage, there was a brief period in which i fell in love with him but shortly our relationship became more fragile because of misunderstandings.

There is no sex and we constantly argue with each other. We started going to a counselor and the exercise given by her is also not doing much good.
I started to become more touchy feeling with him to see where it leads but we are still in the same boat.

It is just like we ignore each other and are still living in our bachelor status. He comes from office and then is glued to his laptop. We ask each other how the day was and then nothing more.
I am still with him is as i am afraid of society and the stigma of divorce.

Our families think that after a child, everything will be sorted but I don't think so. I am not making a decision as i feel like may be everything will get sorted on its own- wishful thinking!

Should I stay in this marriage and give it more time than i already have ?

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