by Monica

I have been with my boyfriend for a year a half. We have a 5 month old son. He doesn't hit me but does talk down to me, for instance.

I just started college, first semester. My class got out at noon. I decided to stay and do my work there because I knew if I came home, he wouldn't watch our son. I get no reception in the school. When I got out at two, I had 5 missed calls and a voice mail. So I call him. He goes on a 20 min rant that I should have let him know what I was doing. Said why I don't just do my work at home. etc.

Then the other day, we were going to a mutual friends. We got into an argument because he wouldn't help me put on our son's coat. So I got annoyed and threw it on the couch, and he says what I said: I want u to help me and instead u just stand there.

Now I admit I'm not perfect, but I feel stressed. When he gets off work, he comes by me and our son, says "hi," eats, goes to the room and plays video games. He gets home at 4:30 and doesn't stop playing till around 8. Even when I ask for help, he still doesn't get off, and says "in a min." I tell him I feel like a single mother and nothing.

He is supposed to be taking meds for depression and just yesterday started to take it. After weeks of arguing.

He won't watch him if I go to the store. I have to beg for a diaper change, and he gets mad and throws a fit, to the point of sleeping on the floor if I don't want to have sex.

He won't work another job so we can get out of his parents house. He is 26 and I'm 22. I feel like I'm more motivated than him. I worked my entire pregnancy because I felt I had to. He wouldn't get a job. We owe his parents a load of cash for paying his car payment. He won't apologize, so I won't because I'm tired of being the one that always makes the effort.

I can't leave if that's what you're thinking, because I have no family around. But he did start taking his med. Just hope he keeps up with it. I feel like I'm at the breaking point.

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