Such a bad situation !!

by shining


I’m facing a bad situation now. I have been married for a year. But my wife is a very greedy person. I mean, I don’t think she ever loved, all she wants is money and luxurious life. And I feel, she even married me for that only.

Now, this is going beyond the limit. After marriage, I had some issues with my business, and lost a lot of money in a project that I had invested in. It was a huge loss, I lost a lot of money, and have got many debts now. So, my luxurious life has been affected as well.

Now, when I’m in such a bad situation in my life, and when I want her the most, she wants to leave me and go. When she realized that she is not going to get a luxury life, she wants a divorce from me. And moreover, she is demanding a huge compensation. All I have left is my house, I lost all my other assets and properties, and I don’t have anything else now, and she wants this house. When I refused for that, she has filed a case of domestic violence against me , saying I treated her badly and I should compensate her for all that. She knows my financial situation really well, and still, I don’t know why she is doing this.

I have only loved her always. I tried convincing her, but all she wants is money, and I’m just not ready to give her money for all the wrong accusations she has made against me. Now, since this is a legal case, I have to prove myself innocent first. On my friends suggestion, I have approached a criminal defense lawyer, and they have promised me that I’ll succeed this, and will not have to pay any compensation. I feel so sorry for her, and at the same time I’m so angry with her, and with myself for loving her so much. I’m just so adamant that I want to win this fight now, and I will give no single penny to her, and she should learn a lesson in her life. She should realize the value of money and my love. I hope and pray, that no one faces such a situation in their life.

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