Therapist from the Twilight Zone

by Still Looking

My wife and I picked a marriage counselor from our insurance list. When we got there, the office was behind a dilapidated house, with weeds all over the place and a rusty car near the garage. We knocked on the back door and heard a large dog inside. The “office” was a back room with only a curtain across the doorway, and we could hear people on the other side. The therapist himself was strange: poorly dressed. That’s when my wife said “I think we’ve made a mistake.” And we left, and looked for a real therapist.

The lesson: make sure the therapist is reputable.

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Jan 16, 2016
A PTSD "Therapy" that causes the worst ptsd.
by: Anonymous

You are lucky you were not forced to go to your "counselor" by the VA.... Mine was in the VA waiting room waiting to pounce on me when I came in for a routine physical check up. I didn't ask for it, I didn't need it. I didn't want it. It was supposedly for PTSD, which I didn't have BEFORE this treatment. But I sure as hell have it now.

Within a few hours after my treatment I was finally captured and handcuffed next to a New York State Trooper and on my way to a NON VA Psychiatric facility where I received excellent treatment including a qualified therapist who explained to me what had happened.

I had been "exposed" to a form of PTSD treatment that may worked when done properly with people who have real combat PTSD, called "exposure therapy." I have to deal with a highly complex form of ptsd that involves trauma from childhood abuse, plus military exposure to Hepatitis type C, which is brain damaging, and military service as a medic dealing with non-combat but still horrendous life-threatening real combat wound situations...(a marine with a nearly complete leg amputation from artillery fire in a training exercise, for example.

I'm being treated well now at a civilian assisted living facility that sends me to a decent VA clinic..(There are a few, who provide the appropriate medications.

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