by Donna G.
(Citrus Springs, FL USA)

I Was in a horrible auto accident in December which then we were not married.. he was the driver so we both were severely injured. We got married just a couple months after the accident because we talked about it before and I needed better insurance at the time we did it.

He likes to get high A LOT and that day I asked him to please not get high and he did anyways. He laughed literally through the whole thing!

I wanted to walk away but I stayed. He doesn’t care what I think.. he’s high all the time and I can’t talk to him because he doesn’t function on marijuana .. he has no ability to be serious and he sits out in our pool room mostly on the phone with his family and hardly ever talked to me. I’m lonely ..

I’ve cried out to him all the time about how I feel and it doesn’t matter.

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