Totally flirted with my boyfriend the entire time

by Anonymous

Literally the worst counselor I have ever seen. I had never felt more humiliated and ignored than when I started going to see her.

We did couples counseling and she never gave me time to talk and favored my boyfriend the whole time without hearing both sides. She told me to wait out in the waiting room while she talked to him alone and would come get me when she was done, hello? It's couples counseling not time to sit and flirt with my boyfriend and belittle me time.

I had never felt more humiliated when she told me to wait in the waiting room, never have I ever just walked out on something or someone before but I literally had to grab my purse, get up and say no. I'm going to go home then, and walked out and drove home. She then decided that it was okay to still go ahead and use the rest of the session to talk with my boyfriend one on one about me.

Real professional. None of the sessions helped what so ever, I would leave in tears after every single one and during the entire hour I never had the chance to get a word in, she was too focused on talking to my boyfriend the entire time and giving him advice in front of me on how to "Handle me" and his "stressful life." Poor him is all I heard the entire time.

It was beyond uncomfortable and embarrassing for me and if you want to get anything important and positive accomplished, I DO NOT RECOMMEND seeing her for this. It was a waste of my time and money.

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Jul 24, 2019
I feel your pain
by: Anonymous

That is so tacky!

Jan 24, 2019
by: Anonymous

This is almost the exact same thing that happened with a marriage counselor that I tried. She only wanted to hear my husband talk and put me down the whole time. I felt like I should just send a mannequin in my place. I finally said I didn't want to come anymore and the counselor burst into tears.

Jul 12, 2016
by: Anonymous

Yes, indeed it sounds terrible, but. You are telling the story from your point of view and, as we all know, there are three sides to any one argument.

Jul 27, 2014
TL flirted w my bf
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry that you reached out for help and the therapist who is supposed to be a professional did this to you.

I wouldn't left the ***** alone w my bf for a sec, who knows what unprofessional other thing she may have done. I would have walked out yes definitely!,& dragged him by the tail right out with me. oh and I would have done it right from the moment I felt uneasy.

Don't let this bad experience to keep you from seeking out real professionals who really care to help you.

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