Toxic brother in law

by anonymous

My husbands younger brother is 100% a narcissist. He is 24 and has been married (and now divorced) twice in the last 3 years.

The second time he married, it was to my best friend. Long story short, after one year of marriage he cheated on her and she has now left and filed for divorced. My mother in law thinks it’s everyone's fault- except her sons and is now welcoming this new “girlfriend” (if you can even call her that) into the family with open arms before the ink is even dry on the divorce papers!! Anyways, I have told my in laws that I do not want to be around this girl or my brother in law.

Is that petty? How do I handle this? Also, this is not the first time my brother in law has done this kind of thing. Marriage number one had a very similar ending. This is my BEST FRIEND he’s cheated on this time. Help!

Yours truly,

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