unhappy relationship :-(

by kelly

I have been unhappy in my 12 year relationship, with 2 kids, for around 5 yrs ..... For the past 5 years, every couple of months, i would break down n tell my partner how unhappy i am that he has never taken me out on dates. he very rarely touches, kisses or cuddles me. in fact we only have sex when he needs it n that isn't often n i'm very sexual. i always touch him n kiss him n show n tell him how much he means to me.

well, after me always trying to fix the relationship n putting all the effort in, i've finally had enough. we talk n it works for a couple of weeks, then we are back to square 1.

i do love him but i need more. am i selfish? my kids would be fine if we were together or not. but what if this is all we get from a relationship n i'm looking for something that doesn't exist... i've been waiting and trying for so long for him to show me that he loves me n finds me attractive n change his none-loving ways. but he hasn't, and April last year i told him this is his last chance, n he said he promises to give me what i need by 2013.

well, it's that time and no change so i ended it. but he is here till in a few days he moves out but he keeps begging for 1 more chance.

what do i do? I can't keep giving and getting nothing back. please help

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