What do I do

by J

My partner and I of 6 years have both 1 child from a previous marriage. They are the same age and get on great. My partner is a lovely man, he supports me in a big way and we planned to live together soon.

The problem is our sex life is going all wrong. We have been open and spoke of fantasies and enjoyed the freshness and honesty. However I've been feeling very pressured by my man to get to the next level, to live out these fantasies and I'm not wanting this. What has started to get even more out of control is that now he even talks about a woman we know. I know it's ok and nothing would happen but it's the fact that he talks while we are f---ing, saying things like she loves my cock too.

I've discussed the issue that I have, and that I don't want to be f---ing my partner while he's telling me about how his "fantasy" woman loves him too!

It's gotten to a point that I don't want to have sex with the man I love and have enjoyed fantasizing with, because for me it's now going too far. I've told him I have a line and respect him enough not to go as far as he is, but he DOESN'T seem to understand.

I feel this maybe what is going to end us and our family environment for our two kids.

So sad

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