what to do?

by gaetan

i married this woman for 8 years. during that times, she went overseas and met her ex-boyfriend and bring his pictures in my house. this guy's pictures is all over my house.

I left the house two years ago because i want her to solve that issue with her ex-boyfriend. she acts like she wanted me back and i decided to give her a second chance, but at the mean times i found that she invited the guy from overseas and they were living in the hotel for 36 days. the guy return to France a month ago, and my so-called wife left the USA on 12/19/2012 to spend the holidays with the guy.

before she left i asked her to divorce me, she did not.

what advice can you guys give me about that?

Dear Gaetan... My advice to you is to see a lawyer. You don't need her permission to file for divorce.

Good luck.


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