Wife cheated and left multiple times

by Matt
(South carolina)

Over a year ago now, my wife wanted to separate, and I found out she was cheating physically with one person and emotionally with another. She swore she wanted to get back together, but I found she never gave up the emotional guy. She then decided to leave again and I found out she was seeing a different guy and starting talking to the emotional guy again. She's begging to be back together, started therapy, and swears everyone is gone.

I'm having a hard time moving past all of this. I keep finding imaged and texts and Snapchats she has sent to people. Some within the last month and a half. (She's been trying to get back together for about a month)

is it possible to move past this? How to you get over all the things you see and hear during infidelity? All the things she said and did for other people...

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