Wife constantly angry and abusive towards myself and adult children

by Thomas

My wife of 35 years is often angry and verbally fighting with basically everyone around her. As briefly as possible, she’s always been fiery and quick to anger but in between a very loyal, loving person. I met her some 40 years ago not long after a previous boyfriend, she says, dumped her whilst on a holiday resulting in her hitchhiking home, some 100 miles.

She has always been prone to those types of all or nothing’ reactions. As she’s getting older, she seems to now be getting worse. Constantly berating me and our 30 something daughter who is to the point of moving out after living with us for just 6 months

I won't say it is 100 percent her fault in some cases but her reactions are always extreme. I am at a point where, after a nervous breakdown myself a few years ago, am finding myself questioning how much longer I can deal with it??

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