Wife had an emotional affair

by Jeff D

My wife had an emotional affair with a co-worker years ago. They were spending enough time together that many other workers thought they were having an affair. I saw several of his pictures, birthday cards from him saying “”now you are legal!” In her scrapbook. I also saw his phone number written in an old directory -the only number hand written on it.

She finally admitted it but said “we were friends and it ended up with us drinking with other co workers”. They ended up getting a hotel and having sex not once, but twice! I would think if you felt bad about it, you would leave, but to stay and do it again seems a whole other level of feelings to me. She swears that was the only time and that they never kissed before that night or after. She said they talked about it all for about 2 more weeks and decided to just be friends and act like it never happened. They were both married with one child. I call bs and think they were having a serious emotional affair. What do you think?

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