wife has lost interest in sex

by Anonymous
(leawood, kansas)

my wife started losing interest in me at around the age of 35 (we're now 60). her idea of lot of sex is 3 or 4 times a year, and we've gone several years without sex.

we've gone to counseling several times and frankly the answer seems that i need to get used to it. regardless i intend to remain faithful and married, (yes ladies there are guys out there like me) because i love her with all my heart for better or worse.

for background purposes, i've been very successful in business; upper 1% income bracket. as such i've planned many romantic vacations, given her all the material positions she wants, attended marriage counseling sessions, .... money doesn't buy happiness. (she will never want for material things)

i asked a female marriage councilor if i was really so physically unattractive that my wife was justifiably put off. she laughed and said that was definitely not the problem.

without ridicule i'd like to hear from the female members of the forum that may be able to give me guidance to help my wife and i enjoy each other's intimacy. she's taken to sleeping in another bedroom.

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