Wife Stays with widowed brothers-in-law

by George
(Conway SC USA)

My wife is Indian (Hindu) and we have been married 32 years. Her sister passed away some years ago, and her family offered my wife her sister's daycare business. I was not part of those talks, but I agreed I would relocate for a time to help her (we lived in South Carolina and they in Louisiana). We were separated for a time as I returned to renovate our house and she was running the daycare. This brother in law is one of three, all now widowers.

While I was there, she said she had to travel to Texas to visit her brother, who was ill. After she left, I thought about it and decided to call a short time after she should arrive. When I did, she was already on the road out of town with two widowed brothers-in-law! Her excuse was that they were visiting from India and her brother had asked her to show them around the state! Her? She doesn't even live there.

Flash forward to now. My wife is on a trip to India with her sister. She had mentioned they would be visiting the brothers-in-law that live there. I told her and her sister that if it could not be proven that my wife was never alone with either of them, then the marriage is over. Yesterday, on the phone, she says they will be staying three days and nights at one of their homes.

I can't help but feel that something is going on. I also have started feeling like she must have been staying with the brother-in-law who sold us the business in Louisiana. Curiously, he reduced the price later; was a midnight deal struck?
Am I wrong to feel this way? Have I been (and apparently still am) a blind fool?

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Sep 19, 2018
by: Anonymous

My wife's daughter passed away unexpectedly a short time ago. She flew out to California for the service. She arranged to stay for two weeks! She is not staying with her son, who lives nearby. I understand all of the usual suspects are there. I think I have been a blind fool.

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