A great conselor and a great friend

by ~Mike

Gene helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. From the first appointment, Gene understood me and how to help.

He is a great listener, a calming influence and a patient friend. Gene genuinely cares about helping people and proved himself to be a trustworthy coach.

He is not the kind of person who will tell you what to do, judge you or place blame; he listens, thinks deeply about your needs, and helps point you in the right direction.

Even when it was time to hear something I didn't want to hear, he found a way to explain it with honesty, compassion, and encouragement.

It is important to note, he is a consummate professional. He applies himself through experience, reading and research. Several times, he gave me helpful guidance based on what he learned about my challenge from books or others in his field.

What was most important to me was that I found it easy to trust Gene with things I couldn't trust with anyone else. Things are better for me today, because he was there when I most needed help. I am truly thankful.

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